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Darlynda George is a seasoned Hairstylist with over 10 years of experience and a graduate of Montgomery Beauty School. She is the Owner of London’s Beautii Hair Salon which is located in Bowie, Maryland. She is an expert in braided protective hairstyles and has a passion for creating. In addition, Darlynda is a licensed cosmetologist in various areas such as coloring, cut, waxing, pedicure, manicure, etc.


As Darlynda is known for her signature braided protective hairstyles, in 2016 she created London’s Beautii Accessories to accessorize her client’s hairstyles, which she handcrafted. As the brand grew rapidly, she decided to expand the brand in 2017 with imported and handcrafted accessories from Ghana, West Africa. In February 2018, she launched her YouTube channel and became a popular YouTuber with over 700,000 views on her combined videos. This is a space where individuals can see Darlynda creates some of her most requested hairstyles by clients and social media audience.


One may ask “What is London’s Beautii?” London is the name of Darlynda’s daughter and she decided to add the “Beautii” to remind her daughter how beautiful she is every day.


When asked about the meaning of London’s Beautii, Darlynda stated “London's Beautii means a lot to me. It means working in my life purpose and using my gifts daily. I get to bond with and meet different women from all walks of life every single day. They talk to me about their struggles and what they've overcome. I don't take those moments for granted. They share with me their life experiences and we uplift one another”. In addition, Darlynda has an immense passion for creating. Over the years, protective styles were looked upon as being unprofessional, unkempt, being lazy, etc. However, that is a misconception. Darlynda has been able to create protective styles for women of all professions and including providing hairstyles that are worn at weddings, seen on students, busy moms, and more. Protective styles are classy and professional and she is proud to display that outlook through her work. She states “I get satisfaction from my clients when they say "This is exactly what I wanted".

Darlynda has been featured on Good Morning Washington, Essence, Cosmopolitan and in multiple issues of Sophisticate's Black Hair Magazine. To keep up with Darlynda and her latest creations, she can be followed on Instagram @LondonsBeautii

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